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Contract Management In Asia-Pacific

August 3, 2011

Last week I was in Singapore, this week in Australia. In a series of meetings, I have already met with more than 300 IACCM members from about 8o different organizations.

A common theme is the rapid growth in interest in contract and commercial management and a concern over the shortage of qualified practitioners.  In a series of round-table discussions, the importance of good contracting practices has been a point of lively debate. It has been exciting to discover the enthusiasm for contracting as a ninstrument of value creation, rather than simply a mechanism for compliance and control.

In some places, this attitude is driven by the absence of a contracting tradition. For example, one group explained that if they produce a standard contract for signature in many Asian countries it will generate one of two responses. In some places, it will be signed without comment because it is considered irrelevant. In others, it will be seen as insulting and questioning trust and integrity. The CPO of one major multi-national described the irrelevance of standard procurement rules and contract practices in his key markets, where computers are rare and concepts of contract compliance are non-existent.

Overall, the trip is providing a wealth of valuable case studies and examples about which I plan to write over coming weeks. It also confirms the point that the key value of a good contracting professional is to be able to make sense of complex and unfamiliar situations, to be adaptive in commercial approach and to produce a contract that defines the governance procedures that will support successful business outcomes.



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  1. Chris Redfearn permalink

    When I worked in Singapore 17 years ago as Contracts Manager, I was paid 18,000 SGD a month. Now they just want to pay as little as possible. Two years experience 2500 SGD per month for a Contracts Manager. For a Senior Contracts Manager (five years experience) they only offer 4,500 SGD pm ! Pay peanuts, you get monkeys! In Singapore, they now have no interest in paying reasonable money for proper knowledgable and experienced staff

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