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Future of Contracting – Update

July 26, 2011

The IACCM ‘future of contracting’ study is progressing at a tremendous pace, with many interviews now complete and about 20 more in process. This is on top of a web-based survey that was issued this week (click here to view or participate).

The study is already confirming a great need and desire for change. Participants expect the growth of international standards, but they recognize that the key value of this will be more time to expend on increased creativity in contract offerings. They see on-going measures to drive simplification and improve the quality of contracts as tools for better communication and governance. An area that fascinates many is the extent and nature of future conguence between contract management and relationship management – perceived by many academics and researchers as one of the key trends for the future, but full of tantalising questions when it comes to the practical implications.

The study addresses a wide array of topics and has caught the imagination of practitioners from fields as varied as Legal, Contract and Commercial Management, Procurement and Supply Chain, Project Management, Sales and executive management. It will lead to an initial discussion paper, to be presented at the next IACCM Global Forum (see and establish the vision against which organizations can measure and develop their strategies for contract and commercial management.

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