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Training & Certification by World Commerce & Contracting

Whether you are a large corporation seeking to establish best practice across your organization, a small-medium sized company seeking access to organized collective knowledge and experience, or an individual seeking to enhance your knowledge and attractiveness as an employee, World Commerce & Contracting (formerly IACCM) offers a professional development program to meet your needs.

Online Training Programs

Advance your knowledge, career and standing with the industry’s most widely recognized training programs and professional certification.

We offer programs for individuals, or for teams of 6 or more we can offer a corporate program.

Click here to learn more about corporate programs.


On-site Training Services

Are you looking to reduce risk in your supply chain and improve the performance of your commercial function, using the latest cutting-edge tools and techniques?

World Commerce & Contracting and its network of accredited partners can help you achieve better business outcomes by making your trading relationships more profitable and lower risk.

Click here to learn more about On-site Training Services. 

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  1. Derec pipkins permalink

    I am interested in obtaining a couple certification that will make me more visible, more competitive & highly sought after. I am a & have worked in the procurement arena since 1998 when I worked at IBM. Therefore, if you could be of an assistantt, I would be so thankful.RE,

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