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About this blog

‘Commitment Matters’ is dedicated to issues of global trade and the factors that influence trading relationships and practices. It will be of greatest interest to those who select, negotiate or manage relationships with trading partners – customers, suppliers, strategic alliances, teaming agreements or channels. As the business world depends more and more on creating integrated supply capabilities through networked relationships, and as those relationships increasingly cross traditional boundaries of industry, geography and culture, success will depend on developing a core competency in ‘commitment management’.

  1. Thanks for a blog of current importance! As a purchasing project manager working in the intarnational corporation, I’m interested in such information. And this site can be useful for any specialist dealing with complicated trade structures.

  2. Lebesani Mashabile permalink

    If one can ask, what would say are the attributes of a commercial & contract manager?

    • Hi Lebesani, you may find the series of articles on this blog ‘The role of a contract manager’ will help you with this.

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