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Finding Ways To Capitalize On Global Complexity

July 27, 2010

In earlier blogs, I have highlighted the 2010 IBM CEO Survey ‘Capitalizing on Complexity’. I am very much looking forward to discussing the implications of this study with three Procurement executives on a webinar ‘Finding Ways To Capitalize On Complexity’.

As the title implies, the purpose of the discussion is to explore how Procurement can best respond to the needs that were identified by more than 1,500 CEOs who participated in teh IBM study. In particular, what are they doing – or what can they do – to improve Procurement’s contribution to risk management, the elimination of bureaucracy and improving the quality of customer relationships?

These are not areas of great strength for most Procurement groups. They tend today to be far more associated with risk avoidance than with its management; many would see them as a source of bureaucracy, rather than its eliminator; and the image of Procurement in groups like Sales and Marketing is rarely positive.

Today’s planning session for the webcast generated some lively discussion and revealed three enlightened leaders – though perhaps sometimes strruggling with traditional perceptions of the Procurement role and with how best to escape the constraints of today’s organization and measurements.

The conversation promises to be lively – you can see more details and register by clicking here.

IACCM will continue to explore the implications of the IBM CEO survey and its work will also be embracing the sell-side contract and commercial perspective.

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