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Contract Management’s ‘Most Admired’

July 26, 2010

In 2008, it was the most admired for post-award contract management; in 2009, the focus switched to negotiation; and now it is the turn of pre-award bid and proposal management to come under the spotlight.

IACCM has had great success in raising executive awareness of the importance of contract and commercial management.  Indeed, its ‘most admired’ studies originated as a direct result of conversations with one such leader. Ironically, it is the contracts community itself that often appears most reluctant to accept its need to professionalize through the adoption of more consistent, research-based practices.

The most admired series has assisted in identifying the practices that are most commonly followed by high performing contracts and commercial groups, both sell and buy-side. These studies have confirmed that broadly consistent approaches have emerged as ‘standards’ and enabled insights to the ‘best practices’ that allow organizatiosn to show leadership in their contracting process.

The latest survey was launched last week and has already attracted nominations from several hundred practitioners. The IACCM approach is simple and, in the words of one CEO, ‘truly represents objective peer review’. For executives, the results provide a meaningful target and benchmark; for practitioners, they offer the chance to gain executive attention and investment in improving their contract operations.

The survey will remain open for input for several week and can be accessed at

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