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Is your job sustainable?

May 16, 2022

You are busy – in fact, operational workload for most contract and commercial professionals is running at record levels. With business conditions in such a state of chaos, there just is not time to think beyond the latest crisis, the day-to-day firefighting ….

It is so easy for all of us to fall into the trap of immediate priorities and think that somehow our hard work, our dedication will be acknowledged and rewarded. The trouble is that the world around us is always moving on, others are focused on ‘the next big thing’ – and one day, we realize that we have been left behind.

Sustainability – environmental, social, governance – is one of those topics. It is humming along in the background, steadily gaining pace. Its success has a massive dependency on new and revised commercial policies, practices and processes. Contracts and their management will be critical to achieving sustainability goals and targets. And this is no longer some distant, abstract dream. It is here, It is now. And it is time to join the journey.

World Sustainable Contracting Day is upon us – it happens on May 17th and it costs NOTHING to attend. Getting to grips with how CCM is impacted and how it can impact the sustainability agenda is important not just for the world, but also for you – making your job and career sustainable. Register now!

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