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Making sense of contract management software

January 27, 2022

Hesitant? Confused? Frightened of making the wrong choice?

These are common emotions among those charged with reviewing and selecting contract management tools and systems. While software has been available for almost 25 years, the success stories are few and far between. Many have invested, only to discover that functionality is not there, that adoption rates are low, that implementation costs rapidly spiral …..

Is automating contract management doomed to fail? Discover the answers!

It is a complicated process, leading many to conclude that the best way forward is to tackle specific elements, using a variety of tools. But there have been remarkable advances in the technologies now available to us, so is past experience a good guide? Could it be that the problem is not in the software, but in the way we assume contracting must be done?

With the growing pressure on legal, commercial and procurement teams to deliver greater value, there is no question that contract performance must improve. Streamlining the process, identifying sources of value and empowering the business to better manage risk can only be achieved through technology. So which technology to consider and choose?

The confusion of choice

With more than 250 options, it is not surprising that those charged with identifying and selecting a system feel overwhelmed. Do we want an application, a platform, a set of integrated tools from multiple suppliers? The WorldCC selection tool has been designed to help in evaluating and narrowing the options. It is supplier agnostic, free to use and comes with no strings attached (i.e. you will not be inundated with calls from possible vendors or consultants!). Following a major update and overhaul, the tool (already used by more than 20,000 organizations) is about to be re-launched, along with an explanatory webinar and discussion of the latest trends and opportunities for contract management automation.

If you want clarity, sign up for the launch webinar due to run on February 3rd. Participate live, or receive the recording. You can register here.

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