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Is Contract or Commercial Management a career?

December 10, 2021

This year’s Talent and Wellbeing Survey tells us that the answer for many is yes – and they enjoy their work. They find it challenging and feel that they are making a valuable contribution to their organization’s goals. A growing proportion also take their professional status seriously and recognize the importance of a formal certification.

But there is a ‘but’ ….

Thirteen percent are unhappy with their role and position and sixteen percent (that’s one in six) plan to leave their current role in the next six months. With 65% seeing the job market as either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’, it appears unlikely that they will have too much difficulty finding an alternative.

What is it that drives people to move? The overwhelming reason is a sense of poor opportunities for career growth and training within their current employer. Indeed, 40% say that developing their career depends on moving.

‘The Great Resignation’

There is nothing in the survey results so far to indicate that there is ‘a great resignation’ among the Contracts and Commercial Management community. The data regarding plans to change job is , if anything, showing a slight decline relative to past years. One reason for this may be that executive management is showing much greater interest and appreciation for the importance of the role. ‘Feeling loved’ has a big impact on retention.

One thing that has been impacted by the pandemic is the extent to which most people want – indeed demand – flexible working. A clear majority say they would not work somewhere that did not offer this and it is the number one thing that they value about their current job – surpassing even salary and compensation.

Into the future

The CCM community appears confident that it is developing the skills needed for the future – although many also show concern over their employer’s limited investment in training. And when evaluating the areas of competence that will be most important, many appear to be at odds with expert predictions. One thing that they do recognize – and even welcome – is the ability to work increasingly with technology. Two-thirds are eager for tools and systems – most likely because they see it addressing the thing they most dislike about their job: the volume of administrative tasks.

The WorldCC Talent and Wellbeing Survey remains open for input and is gathering a wide range of data to assist individuals and employers in better understanding the current state of Contract & Commercial Management. The report (to be issued in January 2022) will provide insight to personal development and wider issues of talent growth, retention and recruitment.

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