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Social Value Contracts: Do We Care?

June 19, 2020

COVID-19 has been the catalyst for many changes, not least the topics that have been appearing in the daily headlines. Global warming and the environment have rather taken a back seat in recent weeks, but diversity and inclusiveness have very much come to the fore.

However, will this focus continue and result in meaningful action, or will it just dwindle away, perhaps submerged by the urgent need to restore our economies? Will business start to operate in a spirit of increased collaboration and empathy, or will it revert to survival of the fittest?

The elements of change

While a shift in social attitudes is certainly a massive element in achieving change, it is business and government that can have the greatest and most immediate practical effect. Policies and practices that deliver social value are essential if we are to achieve greater fairness of opportunity and wealth distribution. New thinking about commercial models, supply relationships and contract structure and terms are fundamental to achieving success.

For almost six months, IACCM members have been participating in an international working group gathering and sharing success stories from around the world. These range from shifts in policy and legislation to practical examples of social value delivery. It is our belief that by promoting examples of success we can nurture and spread ideas and action much more broadly.

Join our movement – make change happen!

We need to grow this working group of dedicated and enthusiastic individuals. We need people who will continue to gather and contribute content and we need others who do no more than take an interest and spread the word. From small beginnings, the contracting and commercial community can make a real difference.

On July 7th, we are running two webinars, featuring examples of social value and sustainability in practice. If you are willing or interested to help, or would like to attend one of the webinars, please register here.

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