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Fears about job prospects on the rise

April 18, 2020

64% of Procurement staff, contract managers, in-house lawyers are worried about their career and job prospects in the wake of the economic destruction caused by coronavirus.

This data comes from IACCM’s series of spot surveys which have gathered input from more than 2,000 professionals across industries and world regions. None are immune – but the levels of fear vary quite dramatically. (Discover more on IACCM’s  ‘Getting a Job’ webinars)

What can I do about it?

Right now, professionals in this field are mostly very busy – evaluating or renegotiating existing agreements and relationships, engaging in new or updated contracts and sources of supply. Many are also involved in more strategic evaluations of future policies, new systems or streamlined processes. But working from home, socially distanced, they feel powerless to take control, to secure their future. As one wrote:”I feel disconnected – I don’t know even how to start looking”.

Such emotions are completely understandable and, like so much else, we need to adjust our ways of thinking and working. There will be opportunities, but people will find them and be selected to fill them in different ways. In many respects, our ‘socially distanced’ world may actually make things better – for example, physical location may matter less, and reliability of internet connection becomes critical. Skills at virtual communication will be a ‘must have’ attribute, as will on-line team working.

On April 21st and 22nd, IACCM is offering a webinar, Getting a job in a time of coronavirus. We will offer insight to the industries and geographies most and least affected by job fears, plus expert advice on the practical steps you can take to best position yourself for finding new or better opportunities. Find details and register HERE.

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