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Commercial Management: a career with a future?

August 28, 2019

Over 60% of those working in Commercial Management are excited by the impact and potential of new technology. They believe they can harness its power to better understand and mitigate risks and to increase their influence with senior management.

This welcoming and confident attitude is encouraging and at odds with some other professional groups, who tend to see technology more as a threat. Similar optimism is reflected in the fact that 85% see the current and future job market for their skills as ‘fair to good’ and a high proportion are also confident that they know what future skills they need.

Not all is roses ….

The work of a commercial professional is challenging; they are motivated by the contribution they make to business goals; they love negotiating. But most are somewhat frustrated by the limited career path and opportunities, meaning a significant proportion either plan to change company or change jobs in the next 5 years. Over 40% feel that their current organization fails to invest in its people; over 30% are unhappy with company culture and a similar percentage are dissatisfied with their current pay.

In the context of training, a fascinating statistic is that more than 50% feel the ready availability of knowledge and information, driven by networked technology, means there is now a GREATER need for structured training programs. Clearly a case of too much information becoming overwhelming.

This data is extracted from IACCM’s current Talent Survey and reflects just a small portion of the insights being generated. To participate in this study (and receive a copy of the resulting report) visit

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