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E-signatures – slow progress?

September 20, 2018

In 2006, at an IACCM Americas conference, a group of senior attorneys ran a mock trial to test the enforceability of electronic signatures. They concluded that, subject to due process, such signatures are enforceable.

Since then, most countries have enacted legislation that supports electronic commerce, yet uptake remains patchy and many corporations are hesitant to adopt e-signing on a multi-country basis. In some cases, it is not only concerns about legal issues, but also fears of customer or supplier pushback. Others have found the charging model soon undermines anticipated savings.

So just how extensive is adoption and how many have overcome the challenges of implementation? What benefits are being achieved and what are the plans for the future? Questions such as these will be answered by a new IACCM survey that examines the current status of electronic signatures. The resulting report will be released to participants in the middle of October.

To complete the survey, visit



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