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So why would you want a procurement qualification?

January 16, 2018

The latest reports on job opportunities in procurement and supply management provide interesting reading – because in general they make no reference to procurement or supply management.

The skills in demand are very different from those provided in traditional procurement certification programs. Increasingly, the focus is on lifecycle proficiency, with strong emphasis on services and knowledge of IT. Businesses need people with strong category management and capital project experience – with particular demand for experienced contract managers. They need staff who appreciate and can assist in driving successful outcomes, driving value rather than often theoretical savings.

For CPOs, commercial acumen comes top of the list for required attributes, followed by competence in stakeholder management and experience outside Procurement.

At IACCM, we have been highlighting these shifts for several years and equipping a growing number of members with the lifecycle contract and commercial skills now in demand. That success and relevance is reflected in our most recent salary survey, where those with an IACCM certification are on average earning some 12% more than those with more traditional procurement qualifications.

The volatility of today’s business environment represents an exciting opportunity for those with robust commercial and contracting competence. High demand is not surprising – and in part reflects the shortage of supply. With IACCM core programs so easily accessible and taking just a few months to complete, they offer many experienced procurement practitioners an easy and low cost top-up to existing skills and knowledge – a ready transition to the new world of trading relationships.


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