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Open Contracting rises up the agenda

November 30, 2017

As digital communication steadily transforms social expectations, it should come as no surprise that there are growing demands for ‘open contracting’ – an end to the secrecy and complexity that masks business dealings and performance.

This week, a global forum in Amsterdam confirmed that Open Contracting truly is on the International agenda, raising understanding of the critical role that contracting plays in delivering fairness, transparency and value in trading relationships.

The players in this growing movement wield tremendous influence – organisations that include the OECD, the World Economic Forum, the European Commission, the BTeam, CoST, a myriad of national governments – and of course IACCM.

What’s it about? Increased efficiency, improved standards of governance and ethical standards are high on the agenda. While the drive may be largely from public sector, there is tremendous relevance and benefit for private companies. Greater consistency will reduce costs. Transparent processes will open opportunities to greater competition. Simplification will increase the chances of successful outcomes.

Ultimately, Open Contracting demands increased competence from both public and private sector. It requires a focus on skills, resources and systems that drive integrity in data flows and fact-based decision making. It is a program that has potential to deliver benefit to every citizen, everywhere. At last, high quality contracting has been recognised as a critical ingredient for global economic growth and success.

The IACCM vision and mission has taken an enormous step towards realisation and contracting is steadily moving up the government and business agenda!


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