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Collaboration, agility and more technology

November 16, 2015

What will contracting look like 5 years from now? What role will it play in the business?

IACCM is currently updating its studies on ‘The Future of Contracting’ through a series of interviews and web-based surveys. Already, there are hundreds of participants contributing their thoughts and ideas.

The topic is important. Almost every day, in every world region, the media discusses how jobs are changing. In the US last week, there were forecasts that about 80 million of today’s jobs would disappear over the next 10 – 15 years. In the UK, the forecast is 15 million. Unless we adapt our skills and think differently about the application of our knowledge, many of us risk being part of that number.

It is technology driving the changes in employment – and indeed, almost 90% of survey participants recognize the major impact it will have on the field of contracting. Many appreciate that this represents an opportunity to do things differently and to generate far more of the data and analysis that raises the value of our contribution. But they seem also to understand that our work will assume a different context. Certainly, a large majority reject the focus on compliance and see our emerging world requiring far more collaboration and agility, a shared commitment to delivering results.

To achieve these value-based outcomes, the contracting community (both buy and sell) appreciates the need to integrate ‘the contract’ and ‘the relationship’ into a more singular and consistent approach. They also expect the adoption of performance-based contracts, established through collaborative negotiations.

What are your views? Share your ideas by contributing to our survey. The final results will be shared with all participants, with the published report due in January 2016.

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