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Contract Management matters

November 9, 2015

Today sees the launch of IACCM’s ‘massive open online course’ (MOOC) on contract management. Some 20,000 students are enrolled for this 3 week program and already the chat boards are filling with comments and discussions from around the world.

Due to its popularity, this is the second running of the program, which was developed in partnership with Southampton University and FutureLearn. The inspiration behind it was the UK Government, which is leading the world in its appreciation of the essential role that contract management plays in today’s complex business environment.

The MOOC reflects the UK Government view that contract management matters to an audience that goes far beyond lawyers, procurement managers or commercial specialists. It is something that has been massively under-rated as a business discipline and contributor. The participants on the course mirror that opinion. Many are from areas such as project management, HR, marketing and operations – people who have felt disadvantaged by their lack of insight to contracting process and practices.

It’s not too late to join the program – and it is free. Simply go here to register. All sessions are recorded so you can quickly catch up!


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