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Ease of doing business: an international dimension

July 8, 2015

It’s not only companies that impact the ‘ease of doing business’ – it is entire countries.

When it comes to negotiating or performing contracts, there are major international variations. It isn’t just the obvious differences such as language or the rule of law. Factors such as the depth of negotiating skills or insistence on performance bonds or guarantees are equally significant.

In a current survey, IACCM is assessing nine elements that directly impact ‘ease of doing business’ and comparing them across 50 countries. The effects are quickly evident. For example, nearly 40% of respondents highlight that they have turned down opportunities to do business in Nigeria because of perceived risk or difficulty.

Perception is often key in how organizations approach international business. For example, it impacts the way that negotiations are conducted. Many hold the view that the United States is risky because of its legal and regulatory system; this causes negotiators to approach the market in defensive mode and reinforces their focus on risk allocation within the contract.

If you have any experience of international contracts, the current survey can be accessed at It takes only a few minutes to complete and results will be shared with all participants later this month.

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