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New Year Irresolution

January 2, 2014

A New Year causes many of us to take stock of our lives, to consider the year ahead and what we would like to make different or to change.

That certainly applies to our work and our career, as much as to our personal life. For some, the new year marks a resolution to move on, find another job, perhaps even embark on a fresh career path. In that case, we drag out the resume and indulge in a flurry of job applications. For those following this path,  the good news is that the market for experienced contract and commercial staff is quite strong, especially those that have proven qualifications.

Others may not despair of their current employer. They may decide that their investment will be in raising their personal profile, seeking added responsibilities or promotion. The big question is how best to achieve this. One possibility is to invest in their skills through formal training and perhaps an IACCM certification. Others may seek to be involved in a high profile project, or even to suggest improvement initiatives that would get them noticed and appreciated.

A third category is those who recognize a need for leadership, who want to achieve goals for their function or their business. This minority of people tend to be far more externally focused. They understand executive goals, they can put them into the context of the market, they appreciate characteristics that have real value and generate competitive advantage. To do this, they must have some awareness of industry norms, of customer or supplier preferences, of ways that the executive agenda could be met. These individuals will have a sense of mission; they are ready to do the research needed to develop a brief but compelling business case.

For those who truly want to make a difference, there are certainly sources for ideas and also for support. An example is the webinar IACCM will run today on 2013 Trends in Contract and Commercial Management. That program will also outline the exciting projects that IACCM has been undertaking, or plans to complete in the year ahead. Fresh approaches to risk management; implementing programs that deliver high return in investment; re-thinking the integration between contract management and relationship management; obtaining competitive benchmarks to drive internal improvements. These are just a few examples of the types of activities that can elevate our profile, our career and – most importantly – our job satisfaction.

So what is your resolution for 2014? For many, it will be to remain firmly irresolute; but for a few, there will be genuine change.

The IACCM webinar ‘A Year In Review’ will be recorded and available in the IACCM Library. Details of IACCM’s benchmarking, capability assessment and certification services for individuals and organizations can be found on the IACCM website at


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