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A Year In Review

December 20, 2013

When we are working within an organization, the years often blend. They move so fast that we may remember isolated events, but rarely spot broader trends.

That is where the overview at an organization like IACCM gives a wider perspective. Working as we do with those responsible for contract and commercial management at thousands of companies and public sector bodies, we gain insights that go beyond the specific strategies, offerings or process changes of a single entity.

Has it been a good year for contract and commercial management? Overall, from the perspective of opportunity, I must say yes. But has the overall community benefited? There, my answer would have to be rather more guarded – it depends.

Much of that dependency is down to the people within the function itself. Some have been leaders in understanding and addressing the changes that their business confronts. Others have at least been responsive when called upon by management. But there are also those who are seen as unresponsive, or of limited value, and these have suffered from the added focus on contracting. since they are deemed irrelevant or an obstacle.

The pace of change affecting both buy and sell-side contract and commercial management continues to pick up. Change always brings winners and losers. For those who want to be among the winners, IACCM will be offering a webinar on January 2nd (live and recorded versions available) in which the senior staff of the Association will be sharing their insights to the major trends and outlining responses to them.

So whether you are in a dedicated contracts or commercial function, within Procurement or within Legal or Operations, if you have responsibility for contract or commercial management, this is a program you should not miss. You can register now at the IACCM website.

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