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Efficiency, effectiveness and good results

June 23, 2013

Will you earn your pay today? That is a question that Paul Matthews of People Alchemy poses in his ‘Weekly Tip’. He makes the comment: “Don’t confuse effort with results. Just because someone’s car is in the car park the longest does not mean they are producing the best results”.

There is always a risk that many of the things we are doing should not be done, or should be done differently. That becomes even more likely in times of rapid change or volatility. New offerings are introduced, exceptions are agreed, processes are altered without full assessment of their overall impact. This drives growing workload and everyone is simply too busy to step back and ask: “Should we be spending our time on this?”

IACCM’s member research shows a steady and sustained increase in workload for contracts, legal and procurement staff. But the data also points to longer cycle times and more frequent claims and disputes. So the implication is that both efficiency and effectiveness may be declining.

As i pointed out in a blog last week, What will I do differently?, change is hard to achieve, especially for an entrenched and experienced community. And sometimes, even if we recognize the need, we decide that being a champion of change is just too difficult. it seems far easier to wait until ‘they’ (i.e. senior management) do something.

But that is a risky strategy, because it means when senior management gets around to fixing the problem, they may decide we are part of it. As Paul Matthews suggests: “Get in the habit of noticing what you actually did today rather than how long it took; and whether what you did was important and worth doing, both for you and your employer”.


One Comment
  1. Hi Tim,

    Thanks for reading my weekly tips 🙂

    I like the way you have expanded this one to extend the ideas into change.

    If anyone wants to see the original short tip I wrote, it is here.

    My best wishes, Paul

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