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Principles that drive contracting

June 11, 2013

What are the underlying principles that drive contracting behavior and attitudes at your organization? And how important is the role of contracts in delivering business value or organizational goals?

These are questions that a current IACCM survey seeks to answer (Click here to view or complete the survey). It is clear that the factors influencing contract policy and practice vary widely – and this may increasingly be true in the division between Government and the private sector. For example, this quote from the UK’s Guardian newspaper illustrates one aspect of the divide: “Central government’s primary driver is still cost reduction. Yet whilst cost reduction is still one of the private sector’s top five drivers, other drivers such as increasing customer satisfaction and innovation in order to attract new customers are rapidly gaining in importance.”

IACCM observes growing evidence that organizations appreciate the importance of revising their contracting practices and process, in some instances to raise efficiency, but in many cases to generate better business results. Yet conflicting views and drivers make it more difficult to negotiate and build sustainable relationships. Our survey will reveal the current trends and to what degree they are affecting particular industries or geographies.

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