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Global Commerce and the Web

September 10, 2012

The publication of a global web index offers useful insights to the world of trade and contracts.

The study evaluated the maturity of the web, using the following criteria:

– communications infrastructure

– the state and availability of web-enabling infrastructure; institutional infrastructure

– education, laws, regulation and censorship; web content

– what relevant and useful content is available; web use
– the extent to which the web is used in a country; political impact; economic impact and social impact.

Some countries – such as Ireland – have built much of their business capability on the explosion of networkd capability. In some countries, the driver appears more about social connectivity, in others it has been pushed by business and economic interests. But the extent of connectivity today, and the potential it offers for a country to prosper in global business, are clearly major factors in competitiveness and pontential wealth. The quality and extent of web services and availability impact potential for education, employability, flexible working and many other attributes that are becoming essential in today’s business environment.

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