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Contract Management and the Oscars

February 27, 2012

My colleague Mark Heminway has caught the contract management bug to such an extent that his viewing of the Oscars was affected by some of the key messages that IACCM is delivering. He wrote to me with the following observations:

“When watching the Oscars last night, the one thing that struck me is how hard the producers of the show worked to show that “Hollywood” is a global business. “Hollywood” may be located in California, but it also may be the best example of a global business we have. Just looking at some of those who were nominated points to this. The Actors and Actresses came from different countries. The winning song was actually written in New Zealand. Shots from around the country and globe come together to make a movie. And everyone appreciated it all in the finished product, and of course the movies themselves are distributed and watched around the world.

It also may be the best representation of outsourcing and collaboration that is visible. Many of the winners from the same product, the film, worked for different companies, doing their best work to enrich the overall experience. Not one of the major movies was done solely by one company. But a great movie was successful only because of great collaboration.”

And of course, the key to this success was a shared vision and the commitment to work hard for a significnat reward. Binding the whole production together is a series of contracts that ensure the roles, responsibilities and rewards are well-defined and lead towards an excellent outcome.

Next year, perhaps we can introduce an Oscar for ‘Best Contract’, then Mark will really be on the edge of his seat!

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