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IACCM Board maintains international, cross-industry spread

December 13, 2011

IACCM today announced the results of the 2011 Board elections. The successful candidates (with company, country of residence and percentage of votes received) were:

  1. Tim McCarthy         (Rockwell Automation: USA)                       16.5%
  2. Coen Wilms              (Shell International: Netherlands)             13.7%
  3. KB Iyappa                 (GMR Corporation: India)                           12.1%
  4. Dan Mahlebashian  (General Motors Corporation: USA)         11.6%
  5. Alan Schenk              (BP: UK)                                                          11.6%

These new Board Members will join 9 current incumbents, from Accenture, Agilent Technologies, BAE Systems, Chevron, Cisco, CSC, HP, IBM Corporation, Marina Bay Sands and Raytheon. They continue IACCM’s unique position of representing both buy-side and sell-side contracting and commercial capability, on a global level.

Commenting on the result, IACCM President Tim Cummins said: “Once again, IACCM members were faced with a tough decision on who to elect. We had 10 excellent candidates. I am delighted by these additions and (in two cases) re-elections to our Board. The wide geographic mix is especially gratifying – and of course represents one of IACCM’s many distinctive features.”

Tim went on to observe: “Current economic conditions are having many impacts on our members. In addition to the inevitable pressure on budgets and headcount, it is also clear that contracting and commercial capability have become key to competitive edge and corporate profitability. This has resulted in many opportunities for the Association, with the volume of requests for advisory services showing a particular increase. Our members seek leadership in ideas and example; they need help in identifying value propositions and assistance with implementing change. Our work in defining roles, identifying innovation in terms and exploring ‘the future of contracting’ are among the high value services that we are providing”.

IACCM Board Members take a key role in demonstrating leadership and providing IACCM members with the hope and inspiration they need in these tough times. With membership growth continuing at an annual rate of more than 25%, it is clear that the Association is doing many of the right things; but the demands in these difficult times will not reduce.  These additions to the Board will assist greatly in meeting our challenging goals and objectives.

(Note: there was a dead-heat for fourth place. The incumbent Board Members exercised their authority to appoint both candidates.)

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