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Achieving Common Goals

November 10, 2011

I received an email from an IACCM member this morning in which he described his experience interviewing for a new job. He commented “The IACCM was mentioned often in our discussion …. It was great to hear someone in another continent using the “lingo” that we long-time IACCM folks are so familiar with.”

This concept of similar language, methods, terminology is important to any professional group. Even more important is a common sense of vision and goals – the purpose behind what we do. Engineers, doctors, project managers have this sense of common purpose. In an area such as law, it has perhaps become rather confused. While lawyers theoretically subscribe to the greater social good, in reality the practice of law has often become far more self-serving, whether for the lawyer or for individual clients.

And it is this confusion that has then infected the way we see and practice contract management. Are contracts a route to more harmonious and productive relationships; are they a way to enforce specific behaviors; or are they a way to gain some sort of advantage? We see all three principles being applied and it is of course a key to successful negotiation to understand which philosophy is being followed by the other side.

IACCM’s mission is to encourage honesty, openness and integrity in contracting. The word is spreading and comments suh as the one I quote are an encouraging indication of growing success.

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