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Addressing the challenges of leadership … and its absence!

October 11, 2011

A lack of strong leadership frustrates many contracts, procurement and legal professionals. In the most recent IACCM survey, they indicate that functional management frequently fails to provide adequate strategy and direction – and of course, this undermines their status and their confidence about the future. Many are concerned about their career path and their organization’s ‘failure to invest in its people’.

It is findings like this that have encouraged IACCM to undertake a comprehensive study of ‘the future of contracting’. Our aim is to provide authoritative insights and ideas on how the contracts and commercial process will evolve, enabling current and future leaders to develop a more robust strategy and to ensure investment in the skills and resources for tomorrow. A two minute video describing our goals, methods and early findings can be accessed at

But it is not only IACCM that is focused on the future. A growing number of academics have recognized the importance of contracting and many are working in partnership with the Association to drive research and to incorporate contracts and commercial knowledge within the University and Business School curriculum. A sample of those research papers will shortly be presented at the IACCM Academic Forum, featuring content from a range of top institutions in America and Europe. The papers will also be published and made available for IACCM members. Topics include:

–       Visualization: Seeing Contracts for what they are, and what they could become

–       Learning in Evolving Corporate Models in the Construction Industry: A Case Study

–       Contracting Capabilities in Management of Innovation Networks

–       Why a contracting party may be less cooperative after having suffered a loss

–       Global Sales Law:  An Analysis of Recent CISG Precedents in U.S. Courts, 2004-2011

–       Protecting Networked Innovations with Contracts

–       User-Centered Contract Design: New Directions in the Quest for Simpler Contracting

–       Public Procurement as an instrument for driving regional innovation

–       The Role of Proactive Law for System Level Innovations

All of this content will be available to delegates at the IACCM Global Forum in Phoenix, Arizona on October 26th – 28th. In addition to the 2 day agenda of industry break-outs, case studies and keynote presentations, they will also have access to an outstanding series of workshops. The workshops feature inspirational leaders on the following themes:

Synergy Between Contracts & Sourcing


Finding Added Value in a Commercial Negotiation: The Creation of Trust 

IMPACT! What Difference Do You Make?

Plus there will be an Executive Forum where senior management can gain early insight to the Future of Contracting study results and share in discussion about their implications.

Details about the conference can be found at

But if you cannot be there, don’t despair! We will ensure that all our members benefit from this wealth of information and learning. Over the coming months, we will issue reports and run webinars and expert calls. The presentations form the conference will be available in the Member Library in early November. The book of academic papers will be published that same month.


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