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An Improvement Agenda For 2010

January 13, 2010

What is your change and improvement agenda for 2010?

Recently I participated in a planning workshop with one of  IACCM’s Corporate Members and, after I had provided an outline of the trends we are observing, the meeting moved into the detail of their priorities. I thought it would be interesting to share much of this and to see whether their agenda strikes a chord – and hopefully you might add some comments to outline your 2010 projects and goals.

Things to do:

  • Based on this groups use of the IACCM Maturity Assessment, they had input that there was confusion among their internal customers over their precise role. So they needed to 1) improve communication; 2) focus on tools that empower service users, while collecting oversight data (become a true ‘center of expertise’) and 3) ‘do less, enable more’

Things to stop doing:

  • Stop focusing on unit cost at the expense of understanding value
  • Stop hiring people without real subject experience

Overall priorities and goals for 2010:

  • Improve integration with line management / business units. Improve on perceptions of being ‘too remote’ and ‘not enough consultation on issues such as change management’
  • Address internal sense of leadership weaknesses
  • Raise quality of contracting disciplines and skills – escape perception of being driven solely by ‘the rules’ and compliance
  • Create more flexible service delivery model to address perceptionsof slow response times
  • Ensure a smaller number of initiaitves and that those which are announced are seen through
  • Improve functional learning – look at areas of excellence and seek to replicate
  • Simplify processes and make results visible to all

Of course, this list led to robust debate over the methods and the metrics that would be used to acheive these goals. Those plans are now in place and the clock is ticking. IACCM will be back next year, to measure progress and provide a score sheet to management.

So tell us what improvements are on your agenda and how you will ensure they are delivered.

    1. Xavier Rallen permalink

      Anybody know of a good scoring system that measures IT vendors? I want to issue report card-like scores to the multiple suppliers I have so that they know where they stand and if we need to change contracts due to performance. Has anyone used this system before –

    2. I certainly agree with the Improvement Agenda 2010 as described. One very fruitfull excercise I usually advice clients (usually contract management offices, wheter true or virtual offices) to do, is to describe their particular organisatorial a) roles, 2) competences and 3) responsabilities, and then ask their internal costumers (and if they dare, the external “customers” as well) to do the same excercise, i.e describing the contract management role etc. from “the outside” (“the internal customer view”); hereby, they can easily see, if there is discrepancies, and from here create a platform to adjust roles etc. and ultimately improve communication: you have to understand the other parties world better before you can improve communication.

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