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Are You Ambitious?

December 23, 2009

Writing in the Financial Times, Luke Johnson reported on a parlor game that is apparently favored by a leading entreprenuer. He asks his guests to choose their personal ranking of three primal motivations: money, power and recognition.

In itself, I can see that this would create interesting thought and discussion. But as I pondered my answers, I realized that it might be even more interesting to test this across professional communities. These motivations tell us a lot about issues of leadership, sharing, collaboration. To what extent do these characteristics relate to the relative power of different business functions? How much do motivations vary between groups like Procurement, Contract Management or Legal? Do motivations shift over time – might our drivers alter depending on our phase of life?

So for now I leave you to think about your personal motivators and perhaps to share this with your family and guests during the holiday season. In the new year, I will have it issued as a survey to the IACCM membership and perhaps we can discover something about ourselves as a community.

Best wishes to all readers of Commitment Matters. Thanks for all your comments and support throughout the year. Blogging will take a rest for a few days; I will be back next week.

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