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The Value Of Good Negotiation

September 24, 2009

The next few weeks are going to see a series of exciting announcements by IACCM, related to the subject of negotiations.

First we will be releasing the results of our first annual survey on The  Most Admired Companies For Negotiation. There will always be surprises – and these are welcome, because they cause debate. Amd of course a key purpose of any such assessment is to spark interest and discussion over what characteristics people really value and how some acquire them and others do not.

Just like the popular music charts, our tastes in what we consider good inevitably vary. And they also change over time and depending on circumstances. So I am confident that the winners of the study will be hotly challenged; and smart companies will be eager to learn and to understand ways that they canjoin the ranks of those admired for their negotiation qualities.

They won’t have to wait long to find out. Because in addition to the findings of the initial survey, we will also be releasing the results of an in-depth study conducted in partnership with Huthwaite. This exercise involved extensive interviews (including as it happens with many of the companies that featured on our Most Admired chart) and has enabled analysis of relative performance.

Some of the results from this second study are also sure to raise eyebrows, as we look at the impacts of negotiation excellence (or lack thereof) and contrast the effects of top quartile versus bottom quartile performance.

All in all, the exciting news is that we are at long last starting to gain real insight to the things that lead organizations to excell at contracting and negotiation. And even more importantly, we are starting to quantify the value and benefits of investing in these competencies. They really do make a diffference – and we will shortly be demonstrating how – and how much!

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