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Are Conferences A Thing Of The Past?

August 23, 2009

IACCM members were asked recently to express their opinions about the value of conferences (in particular, IACCM conferences) and the likelihood of funding to attend events in 2010.

The good news is that the value was seen as high – more than 85% of respondents rating IACCM events as valuable or extremely valuable. But relatively few (less than 20%) were confident that there would be funding to attend events next year.

I think we will have to explore new models. The networking and thought leadership of a conference can be inspiring. But we must find new and more effective ways to achieve these goals, at lower cost. IACCM is already working on an increased number of executive roundtables; more frequent roadshows in more locations; sub-regional events to reduce travel and other costs. We also have our dynamic networked training which allows mentoring and information sharing between members. And next year, we will explore more partnered events, so that IACCM members can network with other key stakeholders in events that expand their contact base and knowledge.

The next few years will see more experiments and more creativity as we all wrestle with new ways to deliver valuable content and build communities. If you have ideas on how this could be done, please share them.

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