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Defining Contract Management

August 19, 2009

Contract managers from around the world (and some users of their service) were brought to life by the challenge of defining their role.

More than 2,000 clicked through to read the definitions proposed in my earlier blogs (The Role Of A Contract Manager). Some posted their comments, many more took the chance to write (we will add those inputs to the overall comments).

There have been some great additions; but perhaps more importantly, the community showed a real hunger to reach common definitions and to advance the role in terms of its business contribution. There was enthusiasm to position the strategic value and financial impact of competent contract management and an understanding that this demands greater rigor in measurements and more proactive intervention and leadership.

So where next? We will consolidate all the input and then be looking for senior representatives of the community to join us in developing and agreeing an overall role scope and definition. It is likely that we will want to segment this, to show how industry or business complexity may affect the overall definition of tasks to be performed.

Our goal is to establish clarity over the content of ‘contract management’ and to validate this against the body of knowledge that was developed and maintained by IACCM members over recent years. I suspect that this working group will also wish to promote the importance of international professional accreditation and again we will welcome their review of the existing professional standards.

Overall, it is an exciting time and we have the opportunity to be among the first with truly global standards of practice. With so much investment already made, this project is not daunting, but demands some of the best minds in our community. If you are one of them, and if the worldwide professional status of contract management matters to you, please step forward!

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